Ministry of Health and Population
Bheri Hospital
Nepalgunj, Banke

The fact that Nepalgunj city is not only the focal point of Banke District Province No. 5, but also historically has been the educational, economic and health focal point of Karnali and Far West Provinces is well known to all. Bheri Hospital, located in Nepalgunj, which is the main center of hope and trust for about 3.9 million people in the Midwestern region and about 3.0 million people in the Far West, was established in 1947 (that is, 130 years before today) under the name of Prithvi Vir Hospital Dispensary. No. In 2016, Ratnarajya Lakshmi Devi Maternity Home was named as Ratnarajya Lakshmi Devi Parshuti Home and it ran until 2021 B.S. and after that it was named as Bheri Regional Hospital in 2022 B.S. Initially 50 beds were approved for this hospital, 100 beds in 2043 and 50 beds at present from the Development Committee. In the case that the beds are approved and being operated with a total capacity of 150 beds, dated 2061 Bhadra 29 Ch.No. 2. According to the letter of 1909, permission was obtained to operate the hospital from 100 beds to 200 beds, but it could not be operated due to lack of funds. Some time after the country went to federal structure, this hospital was named Bheri Provincial Hospital and placed under Province No.-5. According to the decision of the Government of Nepal, this hospital was kept under the federation and named as Bheri Hospital.